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Las Vegas (10)

Since 1905 tourists have been flocking to Las Vegas, NV for fine dining, gambling and adult entertainment. As the amusement capital of the country, it is easy to see why so many people call this area home. Nearly 600,000 people live in Las Vegas, but that doesn’t even compare to the millions that visit every year for a chance to hit it big on the slots and to experience a whole other side of life. Las Vegas holds something for everyone of all age groups.

While there are many reasons to come to Vegas, the main reason is to gamble. Most of the hotels have their own casinos and hopefuls line the establishments in faith they will never need to work another day. Slot machines and roulette tables, among other types of gambling games are routine ways of trying to make money in this town. The drinks are free, as long as someone is gambling and there are always waitresses waiting to give gamblers another round. The slots seem to be one of the biggest attractions. Video slots have replaced a great deal of the old fashioned styles, but regardless of what type of slot it is, people will still spend money in bucketful’s in hopes of a big win. The most common slot machine is the quarter version, but they come in all denominations from penny slots, to those that accept a dollar.

The hotels in Las Vegas are spectacular. For those looking for family friendly establishments, they will be happy to know there are some hotels that cater specifically to the family unit. The hotel events are beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. What about a hotel with a circus right inside? Not only is there a hotel with circus inside, but the rates are very affordable. The goal is to get people into these establishments to gamble, so they make room rates and food buffets affordable. There are hotels that have choreographed fountains set to music that offer a breathtaking presentation. Whatever one desires they can find it here in the middle of the dessert. From posh accommodations to budget friendly hotels, there is something fascinating for all.

Adult activity is one of the more flourishing entertainment markets in Vegas. Because of all the lascivious acts that are condoned in this area, it has been dubbed “Sin City”. The saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” insinuates that the sinful acts that people get involved in here, should never be told or shared with anyone. Among those that live in the Vegas metro area, there are more divorces in than anyplace else in the country. Ironically, on the other hand, there are more weddings that happen here than anyplace else in the country. Drive through wedding chapels and those that give people an opportunity to get married with the king of rock-n-roll, Elvis, are on every corner. Sex sells and Vegas is full of gentlemen’s night clubs and all sorts of adult entertainment to entice the fairer sex.

The Vegas Strip is a 4.5 miles section of town that houses all the hotels, casinos and various other forms of entertainment. Most people do not release that the strip is not even in Vegas, but actually sits on two neighboring towns. There are restaurants that serve exotic foods and traditional buffets starting at $2.99. Anything that could be in one’s wildest imaginations can easily be found in this dessert oasis. Visiting Vegas should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list of things to do. It may not take a great deal of money to find a great hotel and superior food, but the entertainment is where the real money is needed. Vegas has more activities, shows, casinos and restaurants than one could ever cover in a visit. Perhaps that is why so many people keep coming back year after year, trying to see all Vegas has to offer.

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