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Privacy Policy

At Welcomia.com, we care deeply about our users privacy. The following privacy policy has been designed to provide you with the best services possible. By becoming an Welcomia Stock member and/or using associated stock websites, you agree to our privacy policy. This includes permitting us to collect and use your perfonal information in accordance with our User Terms and Conditions Agreement. Information About Children Persons who are under the age of 18 are not permitted to use our websites without parent or guardian supervision. We also respectfully request that children do not submit any personal information to our servers. Information Collection

PART A - The General Public Submission of your personal information to our servers is entirely voluntary. We collect this info in order to optimize our services effectiveness; by possessing certain facts about your background, we are able to both protect and promote buyer-seller interactions. However, many components of our program can still be utilized without the submission of personal information. Upon accessing our website, the following information and more may be collected for developmental purposes:

•Your IP

•Your web server

•Domain information

•The time and length of your visit

•The frequency of your visits

•The specific pages and file sizes that you view

•Your machines operating systematics

Welcomia.com does not collect information without your defined permission. In order for us to access facts such as your name, home address, or telephone number, you must manually fill out a provided form and submit it to our server. This submission grants us permission to use your information to send you newsletters, to gather your feedback, and for other related purposes. Our website implements browsing session cookies dring your online visit for safety purposes. However, these cookies are terminated when you exit your browser, and personal information gathered by these cookies is not preserved for any further usage by our company. When you participate in our sites program as a buyer or vendor, your transaction histories are maintained by our server. These records are only used for research and development of our company. Although certain personal information (such as your name or your billing address) is necessary for the proper functioning of payment programs, this information is not withheld for other purposes. Our company cannot be held responsible for your actions on our bulletin boards, member profile pages, or chat rooms. The content that you post on these forums is entirely public and can be accessed by all other visitors to our website. Please take caution when utilizing these aspects of our program.

PART B - Memberships Additional information may be garnered by users of the Members section of our website. This is primarily intended to provide members with exclusive services and promotions that might interest them. We also keep track of memebrship profiles for statistical purposes. Use of Information and Disclosure Welcomia.com will never use your information for dishonest purposes. Our main goal when collecting your information is to improve our site so that it can better service our guests. Your information might be used to:

•Contact you with news regarding our events

•Responf to your feedback or requests

•Regulate our websites network performance

•Improve our stock

We will never disclose your personal information to a third party without your explicit consent, unless otherwise mandated by law. Disclaimer Our privacy policy is only applicable to the services contained within our own site. You will encounter links to other websites within our program; these are seperate entities that possess their own privacy regulations. Please be aware of this when accessing other companies websites. Security We protect our website with various security measures that regulate content within our program. However, this does not include information that is sent from our site to other destinations. This information is not encrypted unless specifically stated otherwise. Amendments to Our Privacy Policy We reserve the right to amend our privacy policy. Thirty days notice will be given regarding any changes to our privacy regulations.

The amendments will then be implemented on the site, accompanied by a proper notification. Opt-Out Provision E-mail communications with our site can be terminated by contacting our support staff. You may also request that we refrain from utilizing your information in a certain manner. However, we may still choose to use this info in accordance with law regulations and/or enforcement agencies. International Transfer of Information Great Icon Multimedia Co company spans several countries throughout the world. Please be aware that your submitted information can be utilized and stored in countries other than USA. Further Information Contact support with any additional queries about ourprivacy policies.





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